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Tim Couper

Tim Couper

Director of Worship and Technologymobile: (973) 908-8299

Tim Couper here! Thanks for wanting to learn a little more about me. I’m flattered. As you may have guessed (or read under the picture you just clicked on), I am the Director of Worship and Technology here at the Crossing Church.

I figure what you probably came here for a few fun facts about me so how about these: I mostly go by the name “Coup.” I HATE wearing shoes, and am convinced with each passing day that the reason God told Moses to take off his shoes to be in God’s presence is that GOD HATES SHOES TOO. I am a huge fan of the Seattle Seahawks and Boston Bruins. If my wife didn’t stop me, I’d spend all our money on guitars. I get very agitated when I sense a lack of administrative organization. I own more Batman tshirts than I do total pairs of pants, and I have a Batman action figure collection. I aspire to write a book of “CoupOns- Coup on this, Coup on that” that think might change the course of human history or… probably not.

I have over 12 years of experience as a worship leader and all-around gear nerd. I get giddy like a schoolgirl at the thought of creating ambient space in worship for people to experience God’s presence. As the Director of Worship and Technology at The Crossing I pick out, design, install, and maintain all of the technology that we use at The Crossing- from computers, to projectors, sound systems, TVs and lights. I train and lead the Bridge and Production team who run the song slides, record the services, choose ambient lights, and mix the worship experience. I am passionate about serving Jesus and growing all my volunteers into the leaders that God is calling them to become. In 2018, I am managing the worship teams and worship leaders.

I also serve on the worship team as an electric guitarist, and I co-lead the young adult’s community group with Matt Carpenter. Beyond working at The Crossing part time, I am a full-time Master's student in Theology at Fuller Theological Seminary. I am married to Jessica- the wonderful, gorgeous, feisty, hippy wife, who is registered nurse and working on a Master degree in Midwifery.

Feel free to send me a text, email, phone call, or stop by the office. You’ll probably find me camped out on our office couch with my flipflops kicked off.

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