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1 Corinthians: Good News For Bad Christians

1 Corinthians: Good News For Bad Christians



Age old principles and certainties which have long guided our culture, and certainly our churches, and individual Christians have in recent years been replaced with cynicism, and a sneaking suspicion on the part of many that there are no set, timeless truths to which we should be willing to commit ourselves to.

As a result, the church, as it often does, has become captive to the culture, being transformed by it, instead of it being transformed by the church. We need to go back and review and affirm the basics of who we are, and what we are called to as believers and followers of Christ.

In this 12-week series we examine the Apostle's Creed and review the fundamental tenants of the Christian faith in an effort to get back to the core of what we believe as Christians.




Who are we? Are we broken? Are we alone? Are we useless? Are we worthless? Are we lost? Are we wounded?

What would it mean to find your identity in who Jesus has made you? What would it mean to see yourself as your Creator sees you? What would it mean to be truly transformed by what Jesus has done?

There are 8 words that define our transformation. 8 words that will change your life...

Freed. Calmed. Empowered. Adopted. Redeemed. Called. Supported. Loved. 

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