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Building Your Church Community Starts With You

Posted by Matt Carpenter on

I hope it’s no secret that one of our goals here at The Crossing Church is to build and grow our church community. I’m sure many of you are thinking, “Great…not another trendy mega-church with shallow teaching, really loud worship music, and too many people you barely know. What’s wrong with the size of our church?” Okay, maybe that was a harsh assumption of your thoughts (we all know what happens when we assume). To be honest, I have nothing against mega-churches at all. In fact, I think smaller churches like ours have a lot to learn from them.

Now, before you stop reading due to my over-exaggerated assessment of thoughts, let me explain what I mean by building our church community. As Christians, we have been given a mission: to make disciples of Jesus and to transform lives. The Church is God at work; His hands and feet striving to build his kingdom on Earth.

So, where exactly am I going with this?

When I speak of building our church community I’m not talking about increasing numbers, a bigger building, and merely filling seats on Sunday morning. Building our church community is about starting a movement in our local community to build the kingdom of God. We want The Crossing Church to be influencing and infiltrating the towns in which we live with the love of Jesus.

To effectively build our church community we need to be thinking less about us and more about them (the people of our local community). 

Here’s where you come in.

We have a staff here at The Crossing that works hard to help equip our church community on Sunday morning and throughout the week, but church growth doesn’t start with us. There is no amount of cool graphics we can design, sermons we can speak, or relevant songs we can sing that will bring people through our doors. Growth in our church community starts with you and your desire to see it grow.

I think often times we spend too much time waiting on God to do something substantial in our lives when God is actually the one waiting on us to take the first step. Building our church community is not about developing ways to get people to come to our church, but is about us, as a church family, bringing church to our community.

While this all sounds very inspiring, how do we practically go about building our church community?

I plan on expanding on this idea from more practical viewpoints in future posts, but let’s start with the most important tactic…love. Building our church community starts with actively loving our local community. Love is the heart of the gospel message, therefore, love is the heart from which we build our church community. Without love we have nothing. Without love we are nothing. So let’s just start there…with developing a love for our local communities.

We say it a lot at church and I genuinely do believe God’s plan for the Church is to be the active hope of the world. We have been called to something great; something much bigger than ourselves. Let’s take that first step and see what “something” God might have in mind for us.



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