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Finding Jesus In The Dark

Posted by Tim Couper on

It started with a simple question: "why are the lights turned down low at our church on Sunday mornings?"

Good question, glad you asked.

There’s a few simple answers like: it makes the space feel more dynamic and more intimate; it makes the projector image much clearer; it allows us to use the color and depth of the lighting more effectively (a dark room is the lighting equivalent of a white canvas to a painter).

But, the real reason is a much bigger deal, and much more complicated.

One of our favorite questions to ask around the office here at The Crossing is this: why do we do what we do on Sunday mornings? It’s a complicated question and each of our answers shows not just what we believe, but who we are and where we are in our walk with Jesus.

That question is at the core of the question that we started from: "Why are the lights turned down low during church on Sunday mornings?"

One of our main goals on Sunday mornings is to create a space, an openness, an ambience, for all of us to meet with and experience Jesus and the Holy Spirit in our midst. Of course we could do that with the windows open and the lights on, but I’ve found that something happens when we're in a room full of people.

When we get to church we are often busy building walls that disconnect us from each other, and disconnect us from what God wants to do with us, how He wants to transform us, to change us, to heal and to love us.

(For more on this check out my last post, The Walls We Build.)

However, I’ve found that something profoundly important happens when the lights go down. We stop reinforcing our walls. We become less worried about "Mr. What’s-his-name" sitting next to us and more open to experiencing God. We become more honest about who we are, what we are, and that we don’t have it all together.

Sometimes how we do something is just as important as what we are doing.

Sometimes a darker room can actually be more open. By providing a more intimate space our intention at The Crossing is to shift the focus from the façades and walls that we build to protect ourselves to a moment of connection and transformation between each of us and the Creator that loves and pursues us relentlessly.

When we turn the lights off, we are praying the Holy Spirit would demolish your walls.

When we turn the lights off, we are praying that you would see no matter what story you are living this week; God is beginning to heal your brokenness and restore your soul.

When we turn the lights off, we are praying that you experience Jesus’ love.

At The Crossing, we do actually for the most part plan the color of the lights, the level of the lights, the story of the lights to match with the story of the music that we play in church, the verses that we read in church, and the sermons that Pastor Tim tells.

In every phrase, every note, and every flicker of light we are telling stories about what it means to be the child of a Creator who loved His children enough to die for them and break the chains of brokenness.

We want to be a part of what God is doing in this world: redeeming, restoring, and tearing down the walls that we build to cope with our brokenness or walls that keep Him in neat and tidy boxes.

If that means lights up, down, or off, we will do whatever it takes to continue telling Jesus' story as boldly, powerfully, and impressively as we can.

We believe that the goal of the Church through history is to bring Heaven to Earth by telling a renewing story that breathes new life and healing into our bones, our growth, and the story of world.

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