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Journeying Together For Orphans

Posted by Becky Hoffman on

Three years ago at this time, I had no idea that my Google search for short term mission trips would lead me to where I am now, serving full-time with World Orphans. Though there is not time or space to share all the details, it must be stated that I did not travel this road alone.

The Crossing Church was with me every step of the way. 

From supporting me on my first World Orphans trip to India, to sending a whole team the next year, to partnering with me as I entered full time ministry, the people of The Crossing Church have been integral to the entire process.

Furthermore, as I became more invested in World Orphans, The Crossing did as well. Throughout our shared journey, The Crossing and I have experienced some twists and turns, but the path has only led us deeper into God’s heart for orphans.

This brings us to where we stand now, already on the way, but poised to go deeper still, to invest long term through church partnership.

What is church partnership?

Church partnership is the core of World Orphans. It is how we accomplish our mission to equip, inspire, and mobilize the church to care for orphans and vulnerable children. Church partnership is our heartbeat.

By partnering churches in the United States with international churches, we enable the global church to show Christ’s love to orphans. The U.S. church provides funding and builds relationships through sending teams to share, learn, and serve alongside their brothers and sisters in another country.

The international church shines Christ’s light into their community by providing for children and the families caring for them. As the bond between them grows, both churches are strengthened, humbled, and drawn closer to Christ.

The Crossing Church is ready for this. We are ready to get out of our comfort zone and journey alongside an international church partner as together we care for orphans. In fact, we are already planning to partner with a church in Guatemala City, Guatemala.

Why Guatemala?

The simple answer is that Guatemala is where World Orphans is expanding and developing. The true, meaningful reasons are much deeper.

Guatemala is a beautiful country with rich culture and hospitable people. However, the country was ravaged by a 36 year long civil war, which was also a genocide against the native Mayans. This war and the ongoing issues of political corruption, drugs, gangs, violence, crime, and lack of jobs left many Guatemalans living in extreme poverty.

Children are orphaned or being raised by single parents who have no work and no way to provide for their families. Men abandon their families for gangs, women for prostitution. There is a great need for the church to step into these families’ lives to ensure that children are cared for and the love of Christ is shown.

Furthermore, Pastor Tim, two liaisons from The Crossing, and I have witnessed the needs in Guatemala first hand. Pastor Tim traveled there several years ago with Compassion International. Billy Hill, Kim Kirnan, and I went last September on a World Orphans vision trip. All of us returned burdened for the people, but also blessed by them as well.

We trust that over time, the body of The Crossing Church and the body of our church partner will be blessed through our partnership, as will the children and their families.

As we enter into church partnership, there are many exciting opportunities on the horizon:

Skype calls with the Guatemalan pastor, trips to visit and serve, stories of lives transformed, and celebrations of God’s grace and provision.

One such celebration is hopefully coming very soon. To help kick off church partnership with Guatemala, The Crossing is hoping to host a World Orphans Worship and Justice event.

The plan is for, Aaron Boyd, lead singer of Bluetree and songwriter of “God of This City,” to come lead us in a time of worship and response to God’s call to care for the fatherless. Our church family, along with the community around The Crossing will be invited to praise God together and to take action to help orphans.

Through his travels to Thailand, Haiti, and Guatemala, Aaron has witnessed the needs around the world and as a result, lives his life for two things: worship and justice. His chief desire is to glorify God and to make Him known by bringing light to the darkness. That is why he partners with World Orphans and why The Crossing is hoping to have the opportunity to host him this spring.

This joining together of the body of Christ is what serving God is about. As we serve, we become one giant partnership: Aaron Boyd with World Orphans, World Orphans with Guatemala, and Guatemala with The Crossing Church.

We all journey together and with Christ at the center we can care for orphans until they all have homes.

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