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The Crossing Blog


Posted by Timothy Chicola on

Just over two years ago, our church entered into our "ALL IN" capital campaign; a campaign we hoped would result in helping us toward reaching our goal of making fully devoted followers of Christ who would Love God, Love People, and Serve the World. We dreamt big; really big. We...

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Tags: blessed, campaign, church, commitment, dream, focus, forward, future, goal, leadership, love, task, vision

The Purpose Of The Church

Posted by Ian McGlynn on

Misconceptions. I’ve been thinking about this word a lot recently. If we’re honest, misconceptions are in all of us. Misconceptions are everywhere, even in the church. Dare I say, especially in the church. Here are a few… "Church is an event." "Church is where we...

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Tags: church, honest, misconception, purpose, reflect, worship

Finding Jesus In The Dark

Posted by Tim Couper on

It started with a simple question: "why are the lights turned down low at our church on Sunday mornings?" Good question, glad you asked. There’s a few simple answers like: it makes the space feel more dynamic and more intimate; it makes the projector image much clearer; it allows us to...

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Tags: church, experience, jesus, lights, sunday, technology, transformation, vulnerability, walls, worship, ambience

It's Not About You

Posted by Ian McGlynn on

  Consumerism. We consume every day. Our world is filled with an "It's all about me" mentality. What's in it for me? What can I gain from this? How will it make me feel? I'll be blunt, the minute that we ...enter the church parking lot ...walk through the front door of the...

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Tags: church, church service, consumerism, culture, matt redman, praise, the church, worship

Building Your Church Community By Connecting With Your Community

Posted by Matt Carpenter on

  This is Part 2 of my blog series: Building Your Church Community.   In my last post, Building Your Church Community Starts With You, I encouraged you to consider your participation in the building of our church community. If you need some insight into understanding why I think...

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Tags: christianity, church, community, friendship, jesus, kingdom, love, people, relationship, trust

The Walls We Build

Posted by Tim Couper on

A few months ago my wife Jess and I decided to drive up to Boston over spring break. By the time that Sunday morning rolled around, I was EXHAUSTED, and its not like we were going to our home church, this would be a new church, full of new people, with new questions, and new coffee...

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Tags: broken, brokenness, church, jesus, stories, sunday, sunday morning, vulnerable, walls

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